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Let Us Share Beer Magic With You

What is Magic Bear?
Magic Bear provides a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for all to explore and learn about beer. Connecting good people with great beer for experiences nothing less than magical. Guests at Magic Bear Beer Cellar are guests in our home, our den.

Welcome. We would like to share some Magic.

What is Magic?
Magic is what makes us smile. It is that feeling of awe when you see, try or learn something new. Whether it was a rabbit from a hat, Santa’s flying reindeer, a $1 from the Tooth Fairy, or your first crush… you have felt “Magic” at some point. 
It is NOT some sort of hocus pocus or trick. It is a genuine connection to the kid inside of all of us and Magic Bear Beer Cellar is our candy shop. We are more than a store or bar as we do not simply sell beer… we share Magic.


How do we share Magic? 
Magic Bear Beer Cellar is a home for all. Some of our guests will know a lot about beer, others will not.

It is up to us to figure out how to enhance your experience when you are in our home.                             

For in-and-out guests it may simply be helping you find what you are looking for quickly and sharing a few words.

It may be pointing out new or limited offerings, whether for here or to-go.                              
For sit-down guests, we are your host - have a seat in our home, let us welcome you and have a conversation.

For others it may mean taking the time to explain certain styles, offering a small sample, or showing you something new. Beer can be overwhelming with ever evolving styles, new breweries and a vast variety of flavors. Beer in itself is an experience, let us be your tour guide. Regardless of who our guests are and where you are on your beer journey, it is up to us to make a genuine connection. You should leave our home with a smile on your face… and that is the Magic we share.

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